MSE Template 1.02 Released

Small quick update went up today, fixing some bugs and what not.

  • Corrects an issue with the Junkion icon introduced in 1.01 where in the text box Leadership used instead.
  • Adds a filter to the Cybertronian text to filter out non alphanumeric characters so that there are no stray cubes or empty glyphs.
  • Further refinement of the background/faction selection script so it behaves better. Now mixed cards require the “Hybrid” selection to be made in order to select multiple factions at once.
  • Missing note from 1.01: Under “Set Info” you can turn off “Automatic Numbering” and manually assign IDs to the cards. This is enabled by default, so no existing set will be impacted but those hoping to be creative with their design and numbering have that capability now!

As always, the downloads are live at the Downloads page; this time, the only download required is the “Game” installer for those who already have the whole package.