MSE Transformers…Create And Roll Out!

On July 20th, Unicron came for the Transformers CCG (…

Within the week, however, the fan community rallied. Survivors vowed to fight on. Factions arose, content creators banded together to devise their own material. “We shall carry on!”

By the end of the week, handfuls of members were drafting original content. New cards, ideas, characters, concepts. Some were gleaned from conversations with WotC official members and what they previously said they looked forward to; others were born of fevered dreams of madmen. And; on the fringes of Iacon, a lone programmer embarked on a quest to open the databanks to everyone.

Today, after a month and change of work…the gates are open wide.

Head on over to the Downloads page and grab the packages and install MSE and the Transformers TCG template for yourself and embark on your own adventures!

What does the future hold? Have a sneak peek!

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    • Hey! Afraid we are not the designers for “MSE” (Magic Set Editor), just template/plugin developers for it; to my knowledge there is no native Mac version of the program and folks who have used it on Mac OS have used an emulator for Windows.

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