The Galactic Odyssey

Howdy! Kaleb here again. Today, I’m announcing a project I’ve been working on that will help you all to cope until the release of our Shattered Glass sets: The Galactic Odyssey! This unique format was made with the intention to spice up your Transformers games and make multiplayer formats like Primus even more of a blast! Let’s look into it.

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Decisive Action, Decisive Victory!

Leaders take action. The greatest leaders, no matter what they’re thinking, show strength… not always through raw physical strength but through strength of determination, through strength of character and conviction. They take…Decisive Action. For today’s spoiler we’re going to look at the decisive, but absolutely insane, Shattered Glass Optimus Prime!

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Design – Welcome To Flavortown!

I must confess; I’m a sucker for flavor. Good food sure, but especially flavor in my game design. My favorite sets in Magic? Pretty much anything steeped in it; Mirage, Tempest, the OG Ravnica sets, OG Innistrad. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the set in the larger context of the game, the Kamigawa block was STOCKED with flavor…unfortunately that was to the detriment of it I think since MtG is heavily rooted in Western fantasy, and the Asian flair they were filling it with just didn’t jive well mechanically. My favorite D&D setting? Ravenloft, or as the cool kids know it today “Curse of Strahd.” And Transformers. Ahhhh Transformers; I LOVED the Devastator and the Blaster vs Soundwave 35th Anniversary decks, especially the convention pack with classic artwork. The Omnibots as a convention (or mail order!) exclusive!

Mechanics are cool and all, but flavor, for me, are where its at!

For my own custom TF TCG projects, I’m aiming to emulate as much as I can. For my first official foray into something, I’m riffing on the darkly awesome “Shattered Glass” universe; the mirror world where good is bad, bad is good, and there are evil mustaches abound! AND, what really kick started my thinking on it all, was…flavor!

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Stratagems & Spoilers!

I’m cheating today, like a dirty rat! As an aside, no matter what, whenever I hear the word “Stratagem,” I want to break out in song as from “The Great Mouse Detective” and “Ratigan”…”TO STRATAGEMS (TO STRATAGEMS!)! OH STRATAGEMS!”

Hear “Stratagem,” start singing…

With the custom cards folks are designing, Stratagems, which debuted in Wave 5 “Titan Masters Attack,” are getting a lot of attention. For typically 1 Star, you get a boost to an existing card or for making a deck design choice. Custom Stratagems have been turning up, including here at Edge of Iacon, with no star cost to them which adjust minor aspects of the card.Today, I want to talk not just about Stratagem design, but I have the opportunity to spoil one of the fantastic Alpha Trion Protocol Stratagems as well!

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Format – Drones, or “Are We Alone In The Universe?”

Transformers TCG has been a fantastic vehicle for bringing people together, bringing people to the trading card game world, for introducing people to Transformers who may have never picked up a toy before. In the “before times,” while it was difficult there were valient efforts to bring groups together in local game stores to play and support the game that were largely successful!

Alas, thanks to COVID-19 first and then the cancellation of the game second, this is becoming harder and harder. Online game play via OCTGN has some steam, but even there’s not always an opponent and sometimes you don’t want to hop online. So what’s a lonely Cybertronian to do?

Plenty of modern board games have acknowledged this problem and have worked hard to develop solutions which include single-player modes. And today, we’re going to take a stab at one for Transformers TCG!

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MSE Transformers…Create And Roll Out!

On July 20th, Unicron came for the Transformers CCG (…

Within the week, however, the fan community rallied. Survivors vowed to fight on. Factions arose, content creators banded together to devise their own material. “We shall carry on!”

By the end of the week, handfuls of members were drafting original content. New cards, ideas, characters, concepts. Some were gleaned from conversations with WotC official members and what they previously said they looked forward to; others were born of fevered dreams of madmen. And; on the fringes of Iacon, a lone programmer embarked on a quest to open the databanks to everyone.

Today, after a month and change of work…the gates are open wide.

Head on over to the Downloads page and grab the packages and install MSE and the Transformers TCG template for yourself and embark on your own adventures!

What does the future hold? Have a sneak peek!

Format – Space Bridge

Welcome back! As a second round of posts, we’re transcribing and expanding on a post from the original Facebook page regarding a possible new format should we lean into a new card type…Locations!

Kaon, Decepticon Capital

Many channels have floated the possibilities of Locations, and word is that WotC themselves were considering a Location card as a potential item that never manifested. Ideas have flown about how they would work, what they might do, etc.

Any time you’re going to add something to a game, you want to make sure it brings with it its own realm of design space and isn’t just eating up space from elsewhere. To that end, as a personal preference, I dislike the idea of making Locations battle cards. This was floated a few times in conversations I’ve seen, where folks refer back to Pokemon’s “Stadium” cards.

That said, one area of interesting impact in Transformers is you do not often get to see or do universal effects. There’s a few; tap all characters, deal 2 damage to all characters, etc. but nothing really generates any sense of…upheaval.

With that in mind, looking to other games as examples for how the handled similar concepts, I decided to tap into the Magic: the Gathering format “Planechase,” itself a formalized version of a casual game format called “Chaos Magic.” The idea behind both is there is a second deck of wild effects; in Chaos, the top card of the “Chaos Deck” is flipped at the start of each player’s turn and the reveal sets new rules basically for the turn. This deck is made up of existing cards, so the effects vary from benign to random to painful to hilarious depending on which deck list is used. With Planechase, there is a little more structure and the concept a little more clear: players are “exploring” the multiverse which makes up MtG’s setting. Each plane is a new place, on a new world, with relevance to the story, characters, and such. The effects are less wild than Chaos Magic in that there are very few of these “planes” cards.

“Space Bridge” would be an answer to this idea for Transformers TCG. Borrowing from the Chaos/Planechase concept, players would construct a deck of special Location cards, shuffle up, and get ready to play.

At the start of the game, the top card of the deck would be flipped and its text followed; cards would ideally have a “When Revealed” trigger, something big and splashy that should impact both players, and a static effect that is true while the Location is revealed.

The Ark; home after 4 million years of dormancy

Any time a player could play an Action card, they can choose instead to reveal a new Location. The current Location would go to the bottom of the Location deck, and the new Location flipped, its “When Revealed” triggers followed, and its static effects…messing with the table!

This is a simple outline of the idea; there’s a lot of room to explore. One such option is a “storybook” mode, where the order of the Locations is not randomized but fixed, with triggers that advance the players to the next Location. Such a “deck” could replicate the planet hopping of The Animated Movie, leading from Moon Base 1 to Earth & Autobot City, then on to Quintessa, Junkion, and finally back to Cybertron and Unicron for a final showdown for the ages!

Till all are one! ~Nate

Exploring Design Space – Titan Frames

In a first article for the site we’ll start talking about exploring unique design spaces, starting with tools we already have!

The above image was released last night as an announcement regarding the completion of the “Titan” card frame for the Magic Set Editor (MSE) template. In the game, Titans are reserved for the likes of Metroplex, Trypticon, and Fortress Maximus, though you can bet lots of folks are chomping at the bit to make even more. Even Omega Supreme got his first release on a super-sized Titan frame card.

For grins and giggles, I threw a Superion image into the frame…and it looked good. But more than that, the idea of making Superion not just a combiner but a stand-alone bot has some fun and interesting design possibilities.

Combiners are typically eschewed for their difficulty to assemble. They’re potentially a lot of fun, but it becomes a time-consuming affair and by the time the titanic monstrosity is assembled one or more of its components have been KO’d at least once and it becomes a slog as the combiner attacks, and then the opposing team gets 2-3 attacks in, and it keeps on going.

Conceptually, using the “Titan” frame and idea first floated by Omega Supreme we could remedy some of this by making a dedicated combiner-form card, with sane stats, that allows it to be a part of a team with a couple of smaller bots as backup/support. Doing it this way, we don’t have to worry terribly about super-weak support pieces or incorrectly costed parts being able to slot in elsewhere, and we can make some interesting adjustments with the combiners themselves.

Mind, this is a half-formed idea; there’s still a lot of ground to cover in terms of making this work. But, the basic idea isn’t too far fetched and could open a lot of possibilities!

Superion, Combiner Team Go!

Till all are one ~ Nate