Jetfire, Eager to Undermine

Howdy! My name is Kaleb Adams(a.k.a. LegendaryVoid) and I am one of the lead designers on this Shattered Glass project alongside Nate here, who so graciously has let me write some articles on his site! The first one is a full reveal from the follow up set to Nate’s box set, Jetfire!

So starting off by looking at Jetfire’s alt mode, he is a pretty beefy boy. A 5/16/3 for 12 stars may seem pretty high, but once you have a look at his ability here in alt mode, you’ll see why. This character is one of the ones Nate and I felt would fit best under the umbrella of Decisive, a new keyword the both of us are pushing for. Make sure to check out Nate’s article to get a more detailed explanation of Decisive! Jetfire has the Decisive ability to do 2 damage to another of your Leaders. If you do, Jetfire gets +4 attack until the end of turn. On the surface, it is just a slightly more specific Reckless Charge with less punishment. And underneath that, there is a small bit of synergy with Nate’s Shattered War Stratagem. Should you decide to KO a leader with that 2 damage, you buff Jetfire even further with a minimum of +2 more attack. That alone puts him at 11 attack before you’ve flipped a single card! However it does come with a drawback, that being you are hurting your own characters to get ahead. That brings us to why he has so much health and a moderately high defense. (Don’t worry if you think this is a bit much, everything shown here is just an early version of the final one. More than likely this will change, for better or for worse)

Moving on to Jetfire’s bot mode, his stats are still pretty big. He’s a 6/16/2 with a unique ability: When this attacks, put a card with 3 battle icons from outside the game into your scrap pile. This ability allows you to get around the 25 star limit, which can create for some interesting combinations. You can look at Wave X’s Crashing Down and The Final Battle as examples of what can be pulled in this way. There may or may not be some cards in the set that Jetfire will be able to haul in so keep an eye out for those!

And that’s all for Jetfire! I hope you all are just as excited for this project as Nate and I are! Make sure you check back often; spoiler season is in full force! Peace out y’all.